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You’re a DBA, you should know these

How many databases are you responsible for? How many different version do you support? How much data have we handled this month? How much capacity will we need next year? What new IT techniques will help you get there? These … Continue reading

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Better…..Faster….SQL Server Backups

Ever since I phased out the legacy backup system in one of my recent projects with a centralized SQL Server backup solution, I have been asked by many people regarding the results that I got from the transition. To put … Continue reading

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Find the locks

There are many blog posts on the internet that have explained time and again regarding this topic. Many of them are pretty basic stuff while some of them are quite advanced. A while back I myself wrote a blog post … Continue reading

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TempDB configuration, the way I prefer

TempDB configuration is one of the few things, that I as a SQL Server DBA had to handle as soon as I got to work with¬†production machines. Considering there was no SQL Server DBA prior to my appointment, there were … Continue reading

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